About us

about bouta

founded in april 2021, bouta was sprouted with hopes of introducing companies to the tiktok space. with over 264k+ following and experience in the tiktok, instagram, and influencer markets, our team is well-versed in the cultures of each platform. we are creative, skillful, and eager to help you in your social marketing endeavors. 

Our Perfect Team

Individual commitment to a group effort


undergraduate student at the university of pennsylvania majoring in ppe (politics, philosophy, and economics) with a minor in consumer psychology. part-time influencer, fashionista, new jersey raised, and strives on empowering women and minorities


originally from co springs, grew up in denver. recent university of colorado boulder graduate with two BABS in international affairs (pre-law) and chinese language and culture. choreographer. coffeeholic. pet carer. gym goer. thrives on challenges and constantly set goals to have something to strive for.


denver born and raised. recent graduate from cu boulder with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. photographer. sports-junkie. wanna be influencer. big foodie.

contact us

irene (ceo) : irene@bouta.com

sarah: sarah@bouta.com

ethan: ethan@bouta.com