we are bouta – an all gen-z marketing agency targeting gen-z consumers. we’re here to connect you with people like us, through social media and in-person campaigns.  with a number of services to help get you launched into the tiktok space, grow your accounts, create an ambassador program, and more. we have your backs like you’ve had ours in the past. 

Newsrooms – Production – activation campaigns – ambassador programs 

Work Portfolio

mission zero, myers briggs, campus abuzz, bubble

Mission Zero

mission zero is an early stage startup revolutionizing the CO2 value chain by offering affordable carbon capture services at any scale. bouta was hired to start their tiktok and since we’ve started, we attempted to do a humorous and lighthearted approach but realized that a more serious tone was needed which allowed for a shift in creative direction. now, bouta is focusing on the student projects, stories, and initiatives at Mission Zero’s main hub of activity – campus of CU boulder
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Myers Briggs

the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a self-report questionnaire used in personality typology to identify different psychological preferences in how people view the environment and make decisions. bouta was hired for two projects: (1) the first project was a newsroom where every week, 3-5 concepts were pitched for the MB team to then execute. these concepts were a mixture of on-trend and original concepts (2) the second project was a series of testimonial videos of a college student taking the MBTI test that were in both Youtube and Tiktok formats
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campus abuzz

abuzz is a private hub and app dedicated to relay information on and around campuses such as food spots, study spaces, deals offered at participating locations, and more. bouta was involved in a series of projects with Abuzz: restructuring the ambassador program with a new, innovative, and completely original way that has been implemented in the testing phase across several campuses. we pitched, created, and edited several tiktok videos and offered consulting services in their ongoing content production development
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bubble is a skincare company targeting teens and young adults with a variety of products available online and in-stores such as Walmart. bouta created several pitch decks for concepts for the Back to School, Walmart Launch, and Influencer-focused campaigns. in two months, bouta was able to increase bubble’s tiktok account views from 3k-5k to 500k-900k.
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Clawful info
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Feature on Denver 9 News

9 News

Feature on Denver 9 News
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Why Choose Us

High-quality consulting and production services 


We offer a variety of services for strategic consulting. In the past we've created an innovative ambassador program, proposed campaign and activation concepts, and edited videos made by marketing teams to the appropriate platforms.


We have a team of creative gen-z strategists for original and on-trend concepts for any platform but are specialized in Tiktok.


Don't have time or the means to film for your pages? We got you! Our team has previously managed corporate accounts from the ideation, production, and final editing stages.

Our Perfect Team

Individual commitment to a group effort


undergraduate student at the university of pennsylvania majoring in ppe (politics, philosophy, and economics) with a minor in consumer psychology. part-time influencer, fashionista, new jersey-raised, and strives on empowering women and minorities


originally from co springs, grew up in denver. recent university of colorado boulder graduate with two BABS in international affairs (pre-law) and chinese language and culture. choreographer. coffeeholic. pet carer. gym goer. thrives on challenges and constantly set goals to have something to strive for.


denver born and raised. recent graduate from cu boulder with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. photographer. sports-junkie. wannabe influencer. big foodie.